MAHA. Madrid Active Aging Network.

MAHA. Red madrileña de envejecimiento activo
Health. Cuidados para las personas mayores

What is MAHA?

Materializing the ACTIVAGE project in Madrid.

MAHA is the Madrid Active Ageing Network. It works within the values of the ACTIVAGE project, developing and implementing technological solutions, with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), that enhance the health, independence and well-being of older people, promoting, among other pillars, physical activity and social participation.

Madrid DS directs this part of the project that is within the ACTIVAGE program, with the acronym AHA (Active Healthing Aging) added to the iconic M of Madrid give name to MAHA.

Why target the elderly?

Skyline de Madrid. Envejecimiento activo

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Madrid currently has a population of around 6 million people, of which around 650,000 are elderly, and this figure is expected to grow by 25% over the next 15 years.

From the Madrid project we mainly deal with 4 daily realities such as: cognitive impairment, sedentarism, fear of falls and social isolation, we integrate technological solutions to face them strengthening the IoT-AHA link.

Elderly People and the Internet of Things

The approach we pursue is to provide solutions for the needs of the elderly, using new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to these innovative solutions, users will be able to choose within a “Smartcity” or “Smarthouse” environment, in which they will participate in their environment thanks to the data they can send and receive from their devices, while the caregiver can perform interventions based on these data received.


Enjoy the city! Enjoy activities in Madrid

The person who uses the bus transport network of Madrid (EMT) or walks through the city, will receive real-time notifications of activities of interest personalized according to the current position of the user and their interests such as workshops, exhibitions, promotions … With it we get:

  • Encourage activities away from home.
  • Get to know proposals of personalized interest in your city.
  • Increase physical and mental stimulation.

Exercising balance and physical activity.

You will find various ACTIVAGE Centres in day centres, senior centres and municipal gyms. There you will find an ACTIVAGE booth, with the Equimetrix balance evaluation and training system. Always supervised by a professional. These activities for seniors will get:

  • Exercise physical and concentration.
  • Encourage socialization by having fun with friends and acquaintances.
  • Group work that can be continued at home.

Stimulating memory and mind!

ACTIVAGE Centres, in addition to day centres and senior centres, will also be installed in municipal libraries as a point of reference and information.

With the help of tablets or smartphones, games and cognitive stimulation exercises will be proposed that also strengthen memory, which can be played individually or “competing” with other users. In this way we achieve:

  • Train while you play.
  • Advance, level up and compete with other users.
  • Choose between different categories to suit your tastes.

In continuous communication.

Through a communication application installed in the smartphone or tablet, you will be able to exchange messages, images, audios and videos with the rest of users who participate in the project.

In addition, this tool will also allow communication with supervisors to clarify doubts, check the dates of new training sessions, etc.. In short, to create a tailor-made agenda for that person.

  • The caregivers will continue to be by their side even outside the centres.
  • Communication with other users is maintained.