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Integrated care for the elderly

We help you in everything you need

We are a home care and personal and domestic assistance service company that supports the elderly and dependents in daily situations where they require personalized attention.


In Tercera Edad Activa we promote active and healthy aging through home care and the offering of integral services to elderly people and dependents, promoting the improvement of the quality of life through the integral attention of needs.

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Alone we can not cope with everything, so we are here to help

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Home help, health care and personal assistance

Designed for those who need assistance in a specific way, for their daily activities, and for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their home. Call us or leave us your telephone number and we will contact you.

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Day Centre Management

It is considered as one of the most adequate resources to achieve its objective in people in whom the loss of autonomy has already appeared. The aim is to encourage social activity and interpersonal relations, but without losing personalised assistance.

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Promotion of active and healthy ageing

We provide services aimed at preventing disabilities, supporting autonomous and independent living, encouraging healthy living, promoting preventive programmes, fostering integration and improving personal skills.

Our targets

Healthy living

Maintaining and improving motor skills such as muscle strength, mobility, flexibility or balance are central to maintaining independence.

Cognitive abilities

Attention, observation, concentration, perception and learning are essential cognitive functioning abilities that must be stimulated to keep them active.

Social participation

Promoting communication, interaction and activities with our social environment become central to addressing loneliness and isolation.

Caring for emotions

The emotional balance based on the sensation of physical and mental wellbeing combined with remaining active and maintaining our bonds with family and friends is the basis of active and healthy aging.

How we perform our tasks

Our commitment to improve the quality of life of older people, is to ensure welfare through exercises and activities that promote active participation of the person both physically, mentally, and socially encouraging interaction with other people in their environment, as well as family creating friends and strengthening the relationship with their family.

We believe in an active ageing that allows people to remain independent and autonomous in their own home, for a longer period of time and with a better quality of life.

We participate in European projects, focusing our efforts on the Community of Madrid through social activities that alleviate loneliness by promoting life in society, exercise, psychology and educating in healthy habits, thereby improving the quality of life.

Innovation Projects

In Tercera Eda Activa we understand innovation as a way to provide the best daily alternatives to our loved ones.

ReAAl. Colaboración Tercera Edad Activa

Whether it is health, safety, comfort, social integration or mobility support, assistance may be needed in any available aspect of daily life. The ReAAL project sought to develop an open platform for interoperable solutions in the field of active and independent living by promoting standards and guidelines for 700 users in 7 countries of the European Union.

Activage Proyect. Tercera Edad Activa partner

ACTIVAGE (ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well), is present in 7 European countries. Within Spain, we can find 9 pilots present in different cities. This project, has in common the search of the promotion of an active and healthy aging.

MAHA is Madrid’s Active Aging Network. It works developing and implementing technological solutions, with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), that enhance the health, independence and well-being of the elderly, promoting, among other pillars, physical activity and social participation.

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