ACTIVAGE. To grow old by being more active, healthy and happy.

Activage. Proyecto de envejecimiento activo


ACTIVAGE (ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well), is a European project, present in 7 European countries. Within Spain, we can find 9 pilots present in different cities. This project, has in common the search of the promotion of an active and healthy aging.

Why is it necessary to look for active ageing?

For the last century and a half, thanks to the propagation of hygienic and sanitary measures in houses and streets, life expectancy has been gradually prolonged.

Today it means that for every day we live, we earn approximately 6 hours more of life. Therefore, we increase our life time and also our young life is extended.

At this point, the analysis is clear, we all seek to live longer, but being healthy, active and happy.

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Technology, the ally in the welfare of the elderly.

Cuidado a los adultos mayores

The prolongation of life is directly reflected in an increase in the percentage of the population in old age. Therefore, we must focus on taking measures with which to age, not synonymous with dependency, illness or loneliness, but rather, that is a stage of life and promotes happiness, autonomy, social life, and ultimately, a life of quality.

In this mission, the new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) become allies. The ACTIVAGE project is nourished by technology with the aim of creating solutions and services that promote active and healthy ageing.

We work on different applications and systems to train and evaluate the functions that promote healthy aging.

In this way, we will be independent for longer, in our own home preserving our environment, improve our quality of life and benefit from a better welfare system.

9 Main working threads


Daily Activity Monitoring


Comprehensive care of chronic conditions


Out-of-home monitoring


Emergency signal


Exercise promotion


Cognitive stimulation


Prevention of Social Isolation


Safety and comfort at home


Mobility and transport support

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