About us

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We are dedicated to improving the living conditions of the elderly, or more precisely, of “older adults” and persons with disabilities, in order to achieve the greatest possible degree of autonomy and independence for as long as possible in their homes.

Our history

2006 Constitution of Tercera Edada Activa SL (TEA) Registral Nº S5429

2011 Madrid Network Health and Wellness Cluster

Tercera Edad Activa is part of this cluster, which brings together the main innovative companies in the area of health that are active in the Community of Madrid.

2012 - 2015 ReAAL Project

We participated in the ReAAL project, together with 7 other countries and 7,000 users, within the 7th EU Framework Programme.

2012 Reference Site for Good Practices in Active Ageing

Since 2012 the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) has designated us as a ‘Reference site for good practices in Active Ageing’.

2016 Entry in ACTIVAGE

ACTIVAGE (ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well), is a European project, present in 7 European countries. 9 pilots can be found in different cities within Spain. This project, has in common the search of the promotion of an active and healthy aging.

2017 Creation of MAHA

Madrid Active Aging Network. It works within the values of the ACTIVAGE project, developing and implementing technological solutions, with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), that enhance the health, independence and well-being of older people, promoting, among other pillars, physical activity and social participation.


Vision, mission and values.

Dignity, empowerment and motivation are the principles on which our philosophy is based, and the values that define each step in our daily work.

Our objective is to transform and improve the quality of life of the people and groups that surround us, as well as their integration, not only in their closest community, but in society in general.

We work for the prevention of dependency and the promotion of personal autonomy among our elders; in short, our aim is to reach Active Ageing.

The 4 Pillars of Active Aging

In Tercera Edad Activa we believe in the promotion of Active Aging and in the four pillars that promote it, which are the basis for the delay of aging and dependence of people.


Healthy living

Maintain and improve motor skills:
Muscle strength


Cognitive activity

Maintain and improve the capacity of:


Social participation

Maintain and improve the capacity of:
Social relations
Avoiding isolation


Caring for emotions

Maintain and improve closeness with:
Loved ones
The social environment in general